Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tomorrow's Land

The night began too early, late last night
It was the fall of hope, the warmth of light

Deprived of sleep, alone, lonely in heart
Tried leaving the coffin, dead to depart

Kept crawling back and forth, torn dreams in sight
Pain in body and bones, cursed cramped so tight

Shaking shivering the chill with dried lips
Sweating cold, wet, freezing, feeling the whips

Reminiscence call, came haunting from door behind
Remembering better days when the world still shined

Memories came of youth, of love, of vows and hopes
When placed my faith in fate and fate in fair, all ropes

Damn! this damned Destiny had tricked me once again
To think that the sacrifice today be in vain

Tomorrow, tomorrow will bring us the king our demise
With no Lady Love and the fighting forests right behind

For time will wave and wash away our castles in the sand
For tide will come and drift away all that we hold in hand

For hope is nothing but a forgotten grain buried in the sand
That we hold dear today but it's no more in tomorrow's land 

Alireza Manzour 
3.11.13 at 3:11 am 

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