Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Take me as I am, or watch as I go

Always show your self in the melody of chords

You won't get far with the noise of words

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Life's a funny thing, you know that my son
Night you're in the pit, next day in the sun

Before you came in, my life was a pain
I earned like crazy, but nothing to gain

My life was a mess, with little relief
I was going through, hard into a reef

It was hell 'n despair, no heaven on earth
My life was nothing, agony of curse

Thirty fifth birthday, everythin' then changed
Mom and I made vows, so all was arranged

We expected you, on Valentine's Day
But you decided, do it your own way

You then came in but, fortnight in advance
Ten hours labor, it was left to chance

You were mashallah, pass five kilogram
So we had to go, live on instagram

The stories were shown, and friends were watching
That magical moment, you just came barging

We were so much thrilled, when we heard your scream
You were gigantic, crying filled with cream

Your smile glittered, diamonds in the night
It was a sweet bliss, born out of the light

Oh twinkle twinkle, my sweet little star
What a miracle, that you beam so far

I remember well, the day you were born
It was a winter, but here was warm

Moments you arrived, from so high above
You brought the laughter, the light and the love

Your arms then reached out, to heavens as wings
I knew then the Lord, had sent down his kings

And so I called you, my angel Michael
For you were fair, life is a cycle

We came from the light, so we shall return
We are his angels, so we'll never burn

We're not from the land, Heaven be our home
We shall fly back soon, return to the dome

Remember my son, God's always here
He'll be there to help, always so near

Pray and thank him well, for all that you own
It's all a good test, you've taken a loan

Nothing here can be, private property
To him all returns, that's prosperity

So I looked above, raised my hands to pray
Couldn't keep my tears, from dropping array

Held you in my arms, and felt time had paused
Stopped for a moment, wonder what had caused

Your presence holy, the room was so bright
I could sense the Lord, he made it all right

You were strong from roots, just like an oak tree
Grown out of a seed, bearing fruits to be

Your smile is just gold, a precious portrait
Your laughter just kills, dagger digs down straight

Now you're almost one, your birthday's near
You're growing up fast, will I live? I fear

The way now you toddle, all around the house
I could hear squeal, you're just like a mouse

The way you get up, fast after a fall
Can see you standing, I know you'll be tall

You're the little man, in our little home
No more gloomy days, since you're here to roam

You're the young soldier, of this old castle
For me you're the boss, so no more hassle

Can't wait you grow up, so we go to cruise
Know how much you love, driving without shoes

If you should read this, thirty years from now
Remember I'll be there no matter how

Alireza Manzour

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Tyrant

The dawn of darkness has stolen the light
The devil has closed curtains of the night

The door to abyss has been opened wide
The demons of war rolling out and ride

The wicked has grabbed power like a mouse
The pussy grabber's now in the White House

He's got tiny hands but a mouth so big
He's stolen the votes had the system rigged

Calls the media, dishonest liars
For such a big lie, he's even got buyers

He has played the south bad ass like a pro
He's tapped into hate, so no one could say no

The conman's mocked us, played all for a fool
Faked intellligence, yet did it so cool

He attacked the weak, made fun of women
Then barred the Muslims, with stroke of a pen

Threatens north and south with waging a war
But be sure piggy, you won't get too far

He's bubbled himself, with racists and bums
They're pumping him up like big worthless gums

So full of himself, been married three times
He's losing in bed, only weeps and whines

Always brags about, his gold and towers
But tied up in bed, with golden showers

The nuclear codes are, at his fingertips
Yet his fingers are, soaked in crispy chips

He's just a spoilt brat, but with lots of toys
Got beauty pagent, cause can't play with boys

He has no power, this Napoleon Ham
His power is the, Silence of the lamb

Joker is the game, Donald is the name
Hope that tomorrow, he'll be left in shame

Ali Manzour

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Love is blind

God, I've got a question to ask you fair
Did you happen to know that love is blind

We fall in its pit and then break our bones
And although in pain, we bleed, we don't mind

We're torn apart, ripped open, scratched and scrubbed
But then we forget, leave the scars behind

And when all of that love ends in demise
We are left with just flashbacks, go rewind

No wonder Puck says 'fool these mortals be'
Since we only recall how we drank n' dined

We do devour love with so much content
When to me, it's more like poison refined

We begin to jump from one loser to another
Lost, lonely, look for someone of a kind

We're mercilessly shattered, squeezed and squashed
Have our hearts ripped open from rib then grind

Yet it's amazing how fast we forget
That not long ago from love we'd resigned 

We keep losing games of love one by one
Yet reject we'd failed, have it redefined

And so we search, seek for the selfless love
When we know well, that's impossible to find

And no matter how bad, bitter the taste
We don't want anyone bother us to remind

We desperately hope, to make the next one right
But I wonder if it's only mistakes denied


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Age of Spiders

Halloween growls, grows so near and near
Masses gathered so anxious to fear

Insanity's up again back in hype
Demons and dwarves all in different type

Vicious vampires or devilish witch
Scaring children, scar face and the stitch

So party down and smoke, get drunk like dogs
Go savage in gowns, like Gogs and Magogs

Everyone ready, rumble in the ring
All ready to get high, but have no wing

Dark Ages again repeated in time
Vikings horning with a different rhyme

Celebrating the dead, now called zombies
Glorified are the ghosts, yet no trophies

Shame is on us, we've fallen back so deep
Following fashion, trend like mindless sheep

The age of spiders, web's tangled our feet
Chained by cell phones, our selves we only meet

Wisdom has gone dry, skin deep in disguise
We know everything, yet know none but lies

So it seems likely, we worship wizards of Oz
Religion be medicine, sorcery and SARS

Dropouts make money, make virus that kills
Frankensteins are the docs, making those pills

Africa central lab, locals for test
Ball is on charity, gamer's the west

Freak show is on, cyborgs are seen as cool
Losing arms, legs, omg! you're a fool

Red curtains are up, let the shows begin
Throw masses in madness, soak them in sin

Creatures of the night are now free, let loose
Man is no more, just dumb donkeys and moose

Halloween approaching, let circus come
Put on your masks, now you can act so dumb

Drip of dusk falling, the night is still young
Spell out the curse, with or without a tongue

Hope tomorrow, sleeping be's wake up, rise
Break n' burn the made masks, tear all the ties


Monday, October 13, 2014

The Final Hour

It's so ironic, how we love to hate
It's a tragedy, that we lick the bait

It is stunning how we love to despise
Real mystery, we enjoy demise

Forty nations unite, to crush a gang
But stuck to save village, under the fang

The Egyptian snake, has just left the bag
Ready to bite us all, laughs like the hag

Tempers have been flared, they're armed to the teeth
Soldiers like the dogs are free from the leash

Iron birds in the sky, ready to drop
Messages from hell, are about to pop

The horns have been blown, the death flags are up
Men ready to kill, then drink from the cup

Devil has played his hand, ready to draw
Brought out the Denver blue, sword and the saw

Dome is the target, Marines are in place
Prince is waiting to reveal his face

Lambs are all tied up, wolves ready for hunt
Men busy buying bracelets from the Cunt

Remember this, when scrolling down the page
Your ignorance, has brought upon this cage

Fear is what we fail to understand
Violence is the fruit that grows in the sand

Learn to love thy neighbor, easy to hate
Live and be damn free, for that is your fate

No matter how dark, cloudy night shall be
The break of dawn is near, you will see

Then we ought to choose, to go right or wrong
The right way won't be the devil's sweet song

Never give up freedom, your only gift
Never give in to temptation, you'll drift

The hour's upon us, grows so near
Have faith in the truth, and learn to hear

Isis eye is lurking around the bear
So keep both eyes open if you too care

Be brave and bold, don't give in to fear
Stare evil in the eye, have no tear

Cowards die, many times before their death
But the brave die only once, that's the test

Hope in despair, is desperate rejoice
So do hope, but be ready for the worse

Alireza Manzour

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Class of 2014

For every commencing and greeting, there is bound to be good bye
And I know I will say this in the years to come with such a sigh,

For I’ll never forget the junior class of twenty fourteen
For they were a class of such love, so caring and yet sometimes mean

I’ll remember the first day I entered the class of science two
They were so warm and friendly, yet noisy and a bit naughty too

I can still remember the first day in class with my sweet Yuki
Sitting all peaceful in class smiling so sarcastically at me

I remember last year when we had that painful public speaking?
How Amanda rocked premarital and Chu Shen swayed so chilling!

Remember when Cameraman Leon brought his lethal guns for speech?

Brendan forgot his lines, but then managed to finish with a reach

How could I forget those Lit classes with Ezekiel and 'Earnest'?
Those days with Caesar, Oberon, Kellers, Silas and the Tempest

The best day came when we went out to watch Gatsby at twin towers
Nando’s, Popcorn,  tears at the end with Leonardo’s Lenses

Newspaper Projects and then those Esther talks and the interviews
Yih Wei forever laughter and the day her tears broke my fuse

And who could forget scorching days under the hot sun that could kill?
When my coaching of the Helang football team lost seven to nil

And the day I raced HarrithCalebChris and master Yip Nigel
When Joshua crushed me down bad twenty-one to twelve in a nut shell

But I’ll never forget my lovely Lydia who's always there to see
The day my wrist was in plaster and she took that photo of me

And how can I forget my handsome charming Maeson, the usher?

And, the vibrant violinist, Chris who is a poor defender

And who could forget that steaming Debating day?
When later Nadia pwned me in class with such a sway

And, oh my God, the day Sarah stood strong for her love in class
Cracked and smashed the pedestal I stood on like sheer glass

And that late afternoon with my forever Vira in class
When her Beyonce brought down my tears like tinted glass

I will never forget you Savira for the biggest heart that you have inside
Sobbing in tears she told me, 'Ali, you're a fine dad' and that changed the tide

And those late afternoons in Lit class with Ilyana and the Puck
Trying to come up with an ending to Sophiya's love life with little luck

And that glorious day when Oh Wah Dat accepted my modest plea
We raced like rats in the pool, all watching, and I lost so miserably

And how can I forgive my commrades EshmaelHaziq and Ibrahim
Though we lost way, had Roti Canai, slept half way, and came last in a grim

And my prosecutor Amy Kato always complaining for her mark
Not knowing she had always been my secret favorite in the dark

And how can I forget the words of Wong Kar Kei, truly my finest
She'll be a 'Star' writer with words that are strong yet never biased

And how can I forget my teacher and mentor the kind, cunning Kristen
She's a genius, I just know she’ll end up as some lawyer in Princeton

But there is one lady above all, I’ll remember forever
For she defined determination, hard work and true endeavor

For she was the one whom I learnt to respect and admire the most
For she was the one who stood up for her beliefs, never left her post

For she was the one who lead students in class and perfects in school
For she always pulled herself together in trouble, yet kept so damn cool

For she was wise in class, criticized me with every chance she had
For she was the first who cheered me up when I was upset and sad

For I’ll remember her ever blooming smiles on those rainy Malaysian days
For she showed me how to be happy, hopeful in many different ways

For she is none other than our one and only, Annie Liew
The one I wanted to say, ‘Hey..., I’m so gonna miss you’

I wish you and the rest of the class nothing but the very best
I hope you’ll succeed, be prosperous in life with its hidden test

Don’t forget each other in coming days, months and years to come
We made endless memories, more to come in our upcoming prom

I’ll never forget you, my dear friends, for as long as I teach
For you brought the sheer magic to our school and what we preach

God bless you my dear Cempakans in the life you’re about to embark
Keep in touch, fall in love, fly high, reach for the stars and never be afraid of the dark

Alireza Manzour
29th April 2014