Monday, October 13, 2014

The Final Hour

It's so ironic, how we love to hate
It's a tragedy, that we lick the bait

It is stunning how we love to despise
Real mystery, we enjoy demise

Forty nations unite, to crush a gang
But stuck to save village, under the fang

The Egyptian snake, has just left the bag
Ready to bite us all, laughs like the hag

Tempers have been flared, they're armed to the teeth
Soldiers like the dogs are free from the leash

Iron birds in the sky, ready to drop
Messages from hell, are about to pop

The horns have been blown, the death flags are up
Men ready to kill, then drink from the cup

Devil has played his hand, ready to draw
Brought out the Denver blue, sword and the saw

Dome is the target, Marines are in place
Prince is waiting to reveal his face

Lambs are all tied up, wolves ready for hunt
Men busy buying bracelets from the Cunt

Remember this, when scrolling down the page
Your ignorance, has brought upon this cage

Fear is what we fail to understand
Violence is the fruit that grows in the sand

Learn to love thy neighbor, easy to hate
Live and be damn free, for that is your fate

No matter how dark, cloudy night shall be
The break of dawn is near, you will see

Then we ought to choose, to go right or wrong
The right way won't be the devil's sweet song

Never give up freedom, your only gift
Never give in to temptation, you'll drift

The hour's upon us, grows so near
Have faith in the truth, and learn to hear

Isis eye is lurking around the bear
So keep both eyes open if you too care

Be brave and bold, don't give in to fear
Stare evil in the eye, have no tear

Cowards die, many times before their death
But the brave die only once, that's the test

Hope in despair, is desperate rejoice
So do hope, but be ready for the worse

Alireza Manzour

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