Tuesday, November 12, 2013


He who gave us life in this dry dead land
will see us grow water from sour sand

He who poured rain down for our rose to grow
can't see our buds wither before the show

He who set stage for us to act and dine
can't turn the spotlight off when we should shine

He who brings Tempest to our island shore
can't leave us on Earth so lonely and sore

He who blessed us with a spirit so strong
can't see us in despair and go so wrong

He who blessed on us with the art to think
can't leave us so clueless without a wink

He who has made heaven and earth for us
can't have us beg for pennies in a bus

He who controls all possession and wealth
can't leave us in the dungeon with no breath

He who crafted us in black, brown and white
can't bare see us slay each other in fight

He who gave us this heart to care and love
can't watch us arrogant from high above

He who runs the blood in our every vein
can't be that far from us when we're in pain

He who gave us such worthy wings to fly
will never let us fall, drop dead and die

Alireza Manzour
20.11.2013 - 11:23pm

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