Monday, October 12, 2009

True Love

Have you ever fallen in love?

It's a question asked too many times by too many people who might have never tasted the sweetness, or the bitterness of falling in love. Shakespeare believes that 'the course of love never proved to be smooth' yet he believed that 'it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all' and do the question is whether love is a pumping spring of passion from one's heart or a mutual bond created between two individuals through trust.

It seems that the former approach is quite subjective in nature, and its followers believe that love can be a one way street from one's heart to someone whom they are in love with no matter if the beloved loves back or not. Nevertheless, the latter approach, being a very objective and at the same time quite realistic approach to the nature of love, believes that love is more of a two-way street where both parties share the same feelings towards one another and it is mostly built rather than discovered. It is a bond that is created through time and is built out of trust and becomes stronger and stronger as time passes.

However, one can never be too ignorant to know that throughout the history of literature we have seen and read poems, where poets, playwrights and novelists display the notion of love in the most bizarre and unique essence being a mysterious feeling that creates much uncontrollable passion, and anxiety that could even lead one to sacrifice oneself in the course of love. We have seen love and lust being illustrated quite interchangeably and we have seen love hurt us as much as save us from the solitude and the darkness of our loneliness. We have seen the metaphor of love in blazing flames, and snake eyes to cupid arrows. 

So, how do you see love? Is it something genuinely good? or could it prove evil as well. Depending on the context, and the situation, could love be used to create life and inspire hope? or is it mostly abused by those who claim that their beauty can buy them love? Could love be bought? Have you ever bought love?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teachers' Day

Hi everyone,

I would like to thank you all for an unforgettable day.  

My favorite moment was seeing Ka Jun singing and Kai Leeng in that dress dancing so 'Asianly' cute, I didn't know she could dance so well. Also, let's not forget Shaun, and his silver team 'flaring' up the stage in blazing flames and not to forget Khaleel rocking the house with his heavy metal dance, and also Vicky trying to tango, tangling and dangling up and down, and last but certainly not least, Farhanali Junior, you know that's what the teachers are saying, in case I'm fired you can easily take over the class Farhan.

The moments were priceless from the very first hour from the Dragon Dance leading group six like a sport freak up and down the slopes trying to shoot hoops with Erol and guessing English Idioms with Olive, running cars out of the garage and having Hui Shi with that weird phrase trying to memorize who is cute, and who is handsome and who is Macho? like Macho man Randy Savage. 

Finally, we all had a great day and we have the Seniors to thank for their weeks of hard work and preparation. I would like to thank you all from Szin Dee to Cheah Sin on the stage, and Alex to Adam down the stage, and to Min Chien to Aun Chi and Daniel to Shirley, Ku Joon to Pui Man and Yap Min to Eugene for your wonderful performances and your warm-hearted effort in making sure everything goes 'glamorously' well.  I appreciate everything that you did, all from the candles at the beginning to the the bunny at the end, thank you guys.

May 29, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009


 of thi
Opened my eyes
The Darkness dies
Nothing but lies
Drew my black sword
Tore all the ties
The Darkness dies
Opened my eyes

There I saw the sunshine   
Gotta love the sunshine
Walking in the sunshine 
Singing in the sunshine

Sunshine's the hidden signs                                                               So Look into the signs 
But Can you see the signs
There I just saw the signs

The signs of love
Up on the vines
With in the wines
Between the lines
With in the mines
There are no fines
For seeing the signs

Oh Lord

There is a fee
To get this key
The key to life
But not the knife

The noxious knife
The death of life
The knife that cuts
And cuts the hearts

Oh Lord

All of this pollution
Full of elusion
It is just deception
This ain't no salvation
Only Separation
From the  population
I don’t want that

I want to love                                                                                  I need my love                                                                            Please let me love
My world, my love  
My world, I see
Please let me see
I need to see                                                                                      I want to see
I want to be
Sailing the sea
Waving for me
This is goodbye
Sailing the sea
I want to be

 June 18, 1996
Alireza Manzour 


Public Speaking Competition
Trois-Rivieres High school
May 19, 1996

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