Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teachers' Day

Hi everyone,

I would like to thank you all for an unforgettable day.  

My favorite moment was seeing Ka Jun singing and Kai Leeng in that dress dancing so 'Asianly' cute, I didn't know she could dance so well. Also, let's not forget Shaun, and his silver team 'flaring' up the stage in blazing flames and not to forget Khaleel rocking the house with his heavy metal dance, and also Vicky trying to tango, tangling and dangling up and down, and last but certainly not least, Farhanali Junior, you know that's what the teachers are saying, in case I'm fired you can easily take over the class Farhan.

The moments were priceless from the very first hour from the Dragon Dance leading group six like a sport freak up and down the slopes trying to shoot hoops with Erol and guessing English Idioms with Olive, running cars out of the garage and having Hui Shi with that weird phrase trying to memorize who is cute, and who is handsome and who is Macho? like Macho man Randy Savage. 

Finally, we all had a great day and we have the Seniors to thank for their weeks of hard work and preparation. I would like to thank you all from Szin Dee to Cheah Sin on the stage, and Alex to Adam down the stage, and to Min Chien to Aun Chi and Daniel to Shirley, Ku Joon to Pui Man and Yap Min to Eugene for your wonderful performances and your warm-hearted effort in making sure everything goes 'glamorously' well.  I appreciate everything that you did, all from the candles at the beginning to the the bunny at the end, thank you guys.

May 29, 2009
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