Monday, January 20, 2014


Friday dawn, the fortnight shall come for us to meet
Arrive at Grand hall, in air fall, and drop in feet

Through glass walls, I'll see that beautiful smile of yours
Walking to you, opening all those daunting doors

The daring day shall come for us to hold in hands
Lay down on the shore where I write your name on sands

Twilight time will twinkle the sparkle in your eyes
Those diamonds glitter like the sun longing to rise

Morning sky shall shine,  we're up to climb mounts so high
Where I kneel in snow white, and ask for us to tie

The moment will come for us to gaze, dive and drown
Dreaming you're my queen and kingdom, wearing the crown

Sunset brings that golden heart, on your chest, a gift
The token is our love, so we may never drift

The night shall fall and so I'll hold you in my arms
I'll promise to love you, forever safe, no harms

I'll be the sword, your soldier, castle is our home
Our throne is glory, eternal, bright like the Dome

Days will pass, seasons fall, years go by, so we age
Our story goes chapters never reach the last page

For I have hope, we're truly destined as one
You're the blossom, the flower, my Flora, like none

Alireza Manzour
December 13, 2013

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