Thursday, October 15, 2015

Age of Spiders

Halloween growls, grows so near and near
Masses gathered so anxious to fear

Insanity's up again back in hype
Demons and dwarves all in different type

Vicious vampires or devilish witch
Scaring children, scar face and the stitch

So party down and smoke, get drunk like dogs
Go savage in gowns, like Gogs and Magogs

Everyone ready, rumble in the ring
All ready to get high, but have no wing

Dark Ages again repeated in time
Vikings horning with a different rhyme

Celebrating the dead, now called zombies
Glorified are the ghosts, yet no trophies

Shame is on us, we've fallen back so deep
Following fashion, trend like mindless sheep

The age of spiders, web's tangled our feet
Chained by cell phones, our selves we only meet

Wisdom has gone dry, skin deep in disguise
We know everything, yet know none but lies

So it seems likely, we worship wizards of Oz
Religion be medicine, sorcery and SARS

Dropouts make money, make virus that kills
Frankensteins are the docs, making those pills

Africa central lab, locals for test
Ball is on charity, gamer's the west

Freak show is on, cyborgs are seen as cool
Losing arms, legs, omg! you're a fool

Red curtains are up, let the shows begin
Throw masses in madness, soak them in sin

Creatures of the night are now free, let loose
Man is no more, just dumb donkeys and moose

Halloween approaching, let circus come
Put on your masks, now you can act so dumb

Drip of dusk falling, the night is still young
Spell out the curse, with or without a tongue

Hope tomorrow, sleeping be's wake up, rise
Break n' burn the made masks, tear all the ties


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