Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Love is blind

God, I've got a question to ask you fair
Did you happen to know that love is blind

We fall in its pit and then break our bones
And although in pain, we bleed, we don't mind

We're torn apart, ripped open, scratched and scrubbed
But then we forget, leave the scars behind

And when all of that love ends in demise
We are left with just flashbacks, go rewind

No wonder Puck says 'fool these mortals be'
Since we only recall how we drank n' dined

We do devour love with so much content
When to me, it's more like poison refined

We begin to jump from one loser to another
Lost, lonely, look for someone of a kind

We're mercilessly shattered, squeezed and squashed
Have our hearts ripped open from rib then grind

Yet it's amazing how fast we forget
That not long ago from love we'd resigned 

We keep losing games of love one by one
Yet reject we'd failed, have it redefined

And so we search, seek for the selfless love
When we know well, that's impossible to find

And no matter how bad, bitter the taste
We don't want anyone bother us to remind

We desperately hope, to make the next one right
But I wonder if it's only mistakes denied


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