Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Tyrant

The dawn of darkness has stolen the light
The devil has closed curtains of the night

The door to abyss has been opened wide
The demons of war rolling out and ride

The wicked has grabbed power like a mouse
The pussy grabber's now in the White House

He's got tiny hands but a mouth so big
He's stolen the votes had the system rigged

Calls the media, dishonest liars
For such a big lie, he's even got buyers

He has played the south bad ass like a pro
He's tapped into hate, so no one could say no

The conman's mocked us, played all for a fool
Faked intellligence, yet did it so cool

He attacked the weak, made fun of women
Then barred the Muslims, with stroke of a pen

Threatens north and south with waging a war
But be sure piggy, you won't get too far

He's bubbled himself, with racists and bums
They're pumping him up like big worthless gums

So full of himself, been married three times
He's losing in bed, only weeps and whines

Always brags about, his gold and towers
But tied up in bed, with golden showers

The nuclear codes are, at his fingertips
Yet his fingers are, soaked in crispy chips

He's just a spoilt brat, but with lots of toys
Got beauty pagent, cause can't play with boys

He has no power, this Napoleon Ham
His power is the, Silence of the lamb

Joker is the game, Donald is the name
Hope that tomorrow, he'll be left in shame

Ali Manzour

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